Volunteers needed for upcoming projects


Needed for upcoming projects in the dance and entertainment industry

  • Do you love dance and or the entertainment industry?
  • Do you enjoy working on creative projects?
  • Do you have great ideas that you would like to share?

If this is you, then we would love to meet you and have you on our team.

We are seeking positive team players who enjoy working with people to be on our team for upcoming projects. You have the option of volunteering for more than one project and there are opportunities for advancement.

Amazing benefits

  • Free admission into events such as dance workshops, development seminars, showcases, events and parties, including great discounts for your family and friends
  • Great learning opportunities
  • Great opportunity for you to use your skills on projects that help the dance community, entertainment industry and women
  • Meet like-minded people, network and build your portfolio

Who are we?

Bold Movement: Is a dance company that provides entertainment for events and corporate functions, produces showcases, themed theatrical shows and dance workshops for professional and recreational dancers.

Dance Xpression: Is a workshop series created by two of the industry’s most dynamic dancers and choreographers, Kay-Ann Ward and MsToya Robinson. Together they are helping female dancers and women “Embrace the confidence they have within…Let go and Xpress themselves” through a variety of amazing dance workshops that is geared towards a women’s body and attitude.

Night of Essence: Is a dance and entertainment show specializing in showcasing choreographers/dancers and unique specialty acts. Night of Essence gives performers the platform they need to express themselves creatively, share their talent, without any limitations and boundaries, in a mature environment. Night of Essence brings a variety of performances to audiences who want to be entertained and have a good time from the beginning to the end of the show. It’s a sexy night that brings out the cities best, nothing is off-limits.

Volunteer positions that need to be filled are

On the day help: Individuals who are able to come in on the day of the event and or workshop to help with specific task. These include but are not limited to:

  • Setting up the venue
  • Cleaning up the venue
  • Registration
  • Coat check
  • Selling raffle tickets
  • Door staff
  • Service Reps

Sponsorship/Media Rep: Must have experience and or knowledge of reaching out to businesses, individuals and or organizations that are in line with the projects that we are working on, and or be able to think of creative cross promoting ideas.

  • You will be required to seek potential sponsors and confirm them
  • You will also be in charge of reaching out to media and confirming them

Team leaders: This position requires you to be the great leader that you are. You will be in charge of:

  • Communicating confidential and time sensitive information with volunteers and performers
  • You will be the main contact on each project site for volunteers and performers to report to

Back stage help/Stage Managers:This is a fast paced position. That requires you to be quick, personable with great problem solving skills.

  • You will be backstage gathering performers, giving out call times, helping with props, etc.
  • Event Coordinator
  • This position requires you to oversee the entire event.
  •  Make sure the events and or workshops are running on time
  • You are the leading person that manages the team leaders, and the entire cast
  • You will work closely with the creators of the events and or dance workshops

Social Media Correspondents: Do you love to chat it up, mix and mingle with people, if you said yes, then this is for you. We need you to be at our events talking to the guest and participants and taking pictures. You will then tweet and post pictures on facebook immediately. We also need someone who will be our main social media person. Post at least 3 engaging status updates via our facebook pages per day.

Bartenders:We are looking for two amazing bartenders. We understand that this is a volunteer position, however we guarantee you that it is worth your time. Benefits: All tips from our guest will be divided between the two chosen bartenders. Great opportunity to mix and mingle.

What we are looking for

  • Must be available on Sunday May 6th 2012 from 4:30pm-11pm
  • Smart Serve certificate is a must
  • Must be quick, attentive and able to work well under pressure
  • Must be reliable
  • Must have a positive attitude and be personable

Duties include

  • Serving guest alcohol
  • Guest will have drink tickets, bartenders will not be handling cash
  • Clean up of the bar area at the end of the night

Volunteers/interns must be available for one or all of the following dates. Bartenders must be available on May 6th 2012 

  • Sunday May 6th, 2012
  • Saturday July 14th 2012
  • Sunday July 15th  2012

What we are looking for?

  • Individuals who are able to work within a team or individually
  • Flexible, resilient, confident, collaborative and hardworking
  • Excellent phone demeanour
  • Entrepreneurial, strategic-minded, energetic and creative
  • High energy, positive attitude, motivation to succeed, and demonstrated initiative
  • Excellent time management, verbal and written communication, decision-making, presentation, interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Marketing and social media experience including Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Must be solution orientated and be able to problem solve
  • Must be 100% customer service orientated
  • Must be able to commit to weekly or bi-weekly meetings via conference calls, skype or in person
  • Must be skilled in the area that you are volunteering for


  • Must be able to provide at least 2 references
  • Provide any supportive documents that highlights your work ex. Resumes, cover letters etc.

How to apply

  • Please email Kay-Ann Ward at info@dancexpression.com
  • Put Volunteers/Interns or bartender in the subject line
  • Please make sure you let us know what position or positions you would like to volunteer for

We thank all who are interested, however we will only contact serious inquires and those who qualify


Dance Education Event: Living Creatively

Here is something worth checking out.

If you’re a dancer and or choreographer, this event may be of interest to you.

It doesn’t matter what genre of dance you’re in. Contemporary, Hip-Hop or Jazz etc.

We can always learn something new.

I won’t be able to attend this event, but if you go, let me know how it is for you.

Go with an open mind, go to connect, learn and apply.


A day of FREEworkshops devoted to life in dance! Designed for early to mid-career artists, this event is open to everyone passionate about life in dance.

This event is put on by  The Dancer Transition Resource Centre

When: March 25th, 2012

Join us for one or all of these workshops on thriving in your creative life

CLICK HERE to read more and to visit the website

Boylesque?? Boy Burlesque

Did you watch Canada’s Got Talent?

If so what do you think of the Burlesque performance the guys did? If you missed it, check it out. CLICK HERE

They had all the stunts..the nipple shakers, ripping off their pants..a little nudity and they tried or they did make it nice and naughty?

Ladies was it appealing?

And guys could you see yourself dancing to burlesque?

I’ve heard about guys doing this, and honestly I’ve never put much thought into it. A good performance is a good performance..so wow me.

Burlesque has been around for a while, and it will always be around. It will take a chill pill, and then it will come back full force.

I believe now its back in full force, showing up everywhere. Soon or later they will have a granny burlesque troupe..But maybe they already have that.

Either way, it makes for fun and unapologetic entertainment. Like it or not..it’s here and it will be here for a while. Some like it and some don’t.

Real Talk: It gets better with age..

Dance Live Inspire

I believe that growth and true authenticity is so important..

I now feel for the 1st time in my dance career that I am now coming into my own and loving, appreciating and accepting how I move, how I create and how I want my craft to be seen, experienced and remembered.

Yes I am still a work in progress, but it took a while for me to fully embrace this..yes it’s kind o scary..but it feels FREAKING AMAZING

I remember when I started dancing, I asked an older dancer how he feels dancing at an older age, does he feel threatened by younger dancers. He said “NO”. He said “I feel like I’m a better dancer because I’ve grown to understand my body, and myself. I’m not trying to hide, or be insecure with how I move”

When he said that I was like..yes real talk..that’s true..but now that I’m a little older, I can yes yes..word is bond..That’s REAL TALK right there.

What I have to say to younger dancers or to anyone on this topic is..learn what makes you unique, no you don’t have to try to be like everyone else, just dance to express yourself.

Yes it’s a process, but don’t try to duplicate another dancers style, swag or another choreographers style and swag. Yes learn from them..but allow yourself to be you.

I feel empowered, honest and vulnerable…and I like it..because now I can really start to express myself creatively and not give a RATS ASS about what others think..you feel me.

That’s my REAL TALK….


3 different skills: Dancer-Choreographer-Teacher

A good dancer, does not equal a good choreographer

A good choreographer, does no equal a good dancer

A good dancer does not equal a good teacher

A good teacher does not equal a good dancer

A good teacher does not equal a good choreographer

A good choreographer does not equal a good teacher

But it would be nice if the choreographer was a good teacher and vice versa.

Because each of these is a skill to itself, like anything else it may come naturally to some and for others, they may have to work to develop each skill.

***Many want to take the jump to teaching and choreography, and from experience I’ve learned that it takes much more than just a love of dance to teach, and it takes much more than just putting moves together to choreograph***

I say take the time you need to develop each skill, so that you can truly do your best in each area.

Just imagine someone who loves math, but doesn’t know how to teach and break down the system, walks in a classroom and starts to teach.. Could you imagine the chaos, the confusion

Or someone who loves to workout, lift heavy weights, has a great body, decides to become a trainer, but did not get the proper certification..(and I say proper because a certification does not mean the person really knows what they are doing) and or have enough knowledge on fitness, starts to train others..this is also chaos, confusion and damage that can result in injury for the participants and clients

Well I think this is the same thing.

Get the tools you need that will help you..yes it’s good to dive into things, I’m queen of doing that..but we are now in a new age, where information is available to us..not only can we test our creativity we now have resources to help us polish it.

Learn, and never stop learning, evolve and ask questions, develop your craft.

Share your thoughts.


What do you think..have you ever taken a class by a choreographer that wasn’t a good teacher, and have you ever taken a class by a teacher that wasn’t a good choreographer?

Have you ever taken a class by a great dancer, that wasn’t a good teacher and or choreographer?

Does it matter to you if you have a good teacher and or good choreographer teaching you? If so let us know why?


Are you lost in the crowd

What separates the dancers, and choreographers that stand out and the ones that get lost in the crowd.

There are hundreds of dancers and choreographers who want to be seen. But what I’ve noticed is that there are few that stand out, and few that continue to stand out through time.

Many get lost and there are different reasons for this.

Instead of me giving an answer, I’m leaving this question open for everyone to share their thoughts.

What are your thoughts on this….share your answers on what makes dancers and or choreographers stand out….and for new dancers and new choreographers, this question is open and there for us to learn and apply.

If you read something that you know is helpful, let me know why? And let me know if you will apply it.

Don’t be shy SHARE your thoughts..lets learn from each other

Sexy heels to strut in

I think artist have a great sense of style. Because they are expressive individuals they choose pieces that are out of the box, unique and help them stand out from the rest.

So when I came across this new creation from the one and only Kanye West and the designer Giuseppe Zarnotti, I had to ask…is it live and is it Fresh?

I say yes, even though the price tag..is stupid..like $5,800 dollar stupid..I still like these pair of sexy heels…if you don’t want to pay $5,800 then your other option is you can pay $930 for them.

Would I purchase these, YES I’m not going to lie to you. Well I would wait until the price tag goes down for sure.

What do you think? Ladies share your thoughts…could you see yourself strutting in these, could you see yourself holding down a photo shoot in these?

They may not be so comfortable to dance in, and I wouldn’t suggest it, but these heels definitely bring life to the right outfit.

Yes they are LIVE AND FRESH

Not just a back up dancer

There was a time when dancers were seen as just the backup dancer.

Everyone wanted them to make their videos, the movie and or their event that much better. They wanted dancers to bring more life to their vision.

And they still want this.

However there was a time when dancers didn’t know how they were going to make a living, because the biggest thing for a dancer was to go on tour or to choreograph a tour “To be that dancer dancing beside the best and performing for a top artist in front of thousands of people”

Now things have changed and dancers are tapping into their creative senses, finding unique and innovative ways to make a living from their talent.

Dance is still the focus, however life doesn’t stop after the music video, or the tour. Don’t get me wrong, going on tour is amazing. I’ve never been on one, but from what dancers have told me, it’s an amazing experience, you get to travel and see the world, which is amazing…and yes they say the pay is great.

 But there is more..

Dancers are now creating their own dance companies, producing their own shows, taking their shows on tour..they are not waiting for grants, and or for the next G.I.G Dancers and choreographers are now

  • Producing events
  • Fusing dance with fitness
  • Becoming writers
  • Clothing designers and the list goes on.

This is not a bad thing, it shows growth and it’s great to know that we are evolving and becoming more business savvy.

Laurieann GibsonWe have choreographers who have taken their talents and expertise to a new level. Laurieann Gibson, Nappy Tabs, and Rhapsody James are just a few of the choreographers who have created a brand for themselves.


What are you doing, to make sure you have longevity in your career.

It’s time to think outside the box, be bold and take action today.

What are your dreams, share them with us. Keep a journal and write them down, don’t be afraid to think big.

Your more than just a back up dancer.

What is this Blog about

Kay-Ann Ward

Oh man…I don’t even know where to start without boring you, and or possibly getting too sentimental. But after years of not really sharing what I really wanted to share because of fear that some may say well “Who are you to talk about this, you haven’t been in the industry long enough, you haven’t worked with enough artist etc etc” I finally decided to quiet that annoying noise and just blog away.

Yes I come with many insecurities and one of them is I’ve had to build and still build my confidence on a daily basis. I’m not the most trained dancer, and you know what, I don’t want to be the most trained dancer, I kinda like my random out of the box movements. I’m not saying I’m not a confident person, I’m saying that I’ve had to really work on believing in myself and the gifts that was given to me.

Considering the fact that I love to yap about dance and things I’m passionate about, and I truly enjoy helping others especially dancers who want to improve and further there growth as a professional.

I decided to JUST DO THE DAMN THING…and thats what I did..I DID THE DAMN THING

So here are my reasons for starting this Dance Live Inspire Blog

  • I wanted to let other dancers, choreographers and instructors know that they are not alone that we all experience what they are experiencing and or have experienced it before.
  • I wanted a place where we can connect and help each other grow by sharing knowledge and sound advice on the industry as a whole
  •  I wanted to highlight the freshness that artist deliver everyday..from their style to their everyday hustle
  •  I want to create a place where we can empower each other
  • A place that offers health, financial and wellness tips
  • I wanted a place to ask “How do you Dance, How do you Live and How do you Inspire”

And what I really really really want to say is

DANCE Like no one is watching….LIVE life to the Fullest and be INSPIRED by others

So this blog is about dancers and everything for dancers…if you want to read about other stuff other than dance, check out my other blog…www.kayannward.wordpress.com and by the way…I will be changing that blog soon.